Beretta M84 Cheetah

Beretta M84 Cheetah in 4.5mm is a Co2 steel bb shooting airgun made by Cybergun, and supposed to be a true replica of the Beretta M84 Cheetah, but maybe not fully licensed and so they skip the “Cheetah” there or something. The gun is surprising, with a super loud pop, high power, even it is only a tiny short barrel that is in the gun. The only fed up thing I got from this gun is the mag – the other stick mag from Smith and Wesson MP40, Beretta Elite II, etc.. don’t work with this gun!  They will get jammed up or stuck inside the grip!  I had jammed a mag in there and have to bang the gun HARD to get it out!  What the heck is wrong with Cybergun man?  They made the Beretta Elite II which is also using a stick mag and they can share mag with the Umarex Smith and Wesson MP40!  Why can’t they just make it work on this one?  Weird!  If the mag works, I will give this a 5/5!

Price VS Quality Rating:  3 / 5

MakHobby Thoughts on Beretta M84 Cheetah 4.5mm Airgun


  • Full metal, good weight
  • Loud pop!
  • Low price tag for a full metal
  • Surprisingly powerful
  • Compact but hefty


  • Hard to aim with tiny iron sight
  • Heavy trigger
  • Other normal stick mag doesn’t work (Beretta Elite II, SW MP40)
  • No working slide
  • Grip gets loose too easily

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Beretta M84 Cheetah Chronograph Test

Beretta M84 Cheetah with LISS 12g Co2

RWS Golden Steel BBs .177Cal 5.4 grain – Temperature 14 C° / 57.2 F° no-wind SA mode

  • 453.0
  • 455.3     HI
  • 451.1
  • 450.0
  • 444.6
  • 438.5
  • 440.3
  • 437.0     LO
  • 442.9
  • 444.7

AVG 445.7                                           Muzzle Energy 2.39 ft/lb              3.2 J


Name: Beretta M84 Cheetah
Caliber: 4.5mm
Ammo Type: Steel BBs
Magazine: 19 shots stick mag
Action: DAO
Air Source: 12g Co2
Velocity: 426 fps
Body Material: Full metal, plastic grip
Rail: No
Weight: 1.71 lbs
Barrel: Smooth Bore
Barrel Length: 3"
Manufacturer: Cybergun
Made in: Taiwan
Others: No Blowback
Retail Price: approx. $50.99 CAD